Frost Tower will transform the skyline of San Antonio as the first office tower of any kind to be constructed in downtown San Antonio within the past 25 years.  The new tower is the product of a very complex public-private partnership between Weston Urban, Frost Bank and the City of San Antonio. Our Team was deeply involved in all aspects of this transaction from its inception and helped work through the many intricacies associated with this project.  We assisted the developer in the formulation and negotiation of the most significant public private partnership in San Antonio’s history and the first ever under the City’s adopted public private partnership guidelines.

This multi-year partnership includes more than just the Frost Tower with the aggregate impact of new housing and municipal office construction expected to spearhead the strengthening and transformation of a major portion of downtown San Antonio.  Our Team also worked with the developer in orchestrating the financing and investment in the tower, leasing the project, obtaining public financing for critical infrastructure and overcoming the various other hurdles associated with construction of this new office tower. To read more about this project please visit the following website:

Frost Proposal